28 Nov

So it’s Small Business Saturday soon at sensational stores and specialty shops across the Texas Panhandle, and you see, I’d speculated on shopping in Shamrock, along Route Sixty-Six. I had some simoleons to spend.
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27 Nov


Yep, this morning, Fri., Nov. 27, I was expecting to tell you all about the fascinating history and culture of Texas communities north of the Canadian River.  Read >


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The Texas Heritage Trails Program began in 1968 as the Texas Travel Trails, a revolutionary way of attracting tourists from San Antonio during HemisFair ’68 into every corner of the Lone Star State. Authentic Texas, Winter 2016–17,  pp. 46–49

History Just Down the Road: Half a Century of the Texas Heritage Trails


Farmscape south of Lubbock, Texas, January 2017

Tex Randall Gets a New Lease on Life


AT 47 FEET IN HEIGHT AND weighing seven tons, Tex Randall is the second-tallest cowboy icon in the Lone Star State (those of you who’ve visited the State Fair of Texas probably know who stands taller). Tex has stood at the intersection of US Highway 60 and 15th Street in Canyon, Texas, since 1959, when local merchant William “Harry” Wheeler constructed him to attract canyon-bound tourists to his Corral Curio Shop.Authentic Texas, Winter 2016–17,  pp. 35–36

Unveiling the History and Architecture of Oak Island


The life-saving station on Oak Island once rescued hapless mariners from the powerful surf off the North Carolina coast. Today it's a private home that's as much museum as living space.

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