Christmas greetings, 1993–2017

2018 Bad Blessings

give thanks, give thanks for

adverse experiences,

contrary events


This was no accident. You strode, steadfast and slow, out of boundary berm onto blacktop, indiscernible against autumn remnants of sprawling screwbean. Your hide undivided from camouflaging brush until brakes were past deploy, you kept coming, deliberate, hoof by hoof, even as wheels swerved. As one with the fatal fender, you met your end. The car would never run again.

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2017 Cowboy Santa

      A few years back, before our new home in Spur was even a sparkle in our eye, I got to know the work of an Amarillo artist named Jack Sorenson. Renowned for his evocative Western scenes, Jack is also famous for a beloved holiday creation: a gift-bearing stranger in black cowboy hat, red duster, and white beard who might or might not be a kid’s notion of Santa.

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2016 Carol of the Nest

      For several holiday seasons in Lubbock it’s been our custom to select and cut our own tree from the Double Shovel Christmas Tree Farm down the road in Post, Texas. Tree farms are a rarity here on the dusty West Texas plains. Still, Levi has managed to pick out just the right Afghan pine for us each year — though the tree farm’s forest continues to grow taller, just as he has.

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2015 Mouse Expense

    The Hampshire Bookshop of Northampton, Massachusetts, was founded in April, 1916, by Marion Dodd and Mary Byers Smith, graduates of Smith College. It was one of the first “personal bookshops” established in the United States, and also one of the first run by women. The proprietors ran this delightful piece in the “Bookshop News,” column of their Book Scorpion Miscellany, December 1929.

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1997  One

One of the signal events of 1997 was the appearance of
Comet Hale-Bopp. The heavily phenomenon was visible nightly from my sixth-floor balcony in Macon, Georgia.



In blazing speed across the night

The comet spreads its tail ——

It makes its way from world to world

Unmarked but for its trail.


Stars belong to galaxies

And planets hug the sun,

But comets travel all alone ——

A universe of one.


1996  Moving Out


The card for 1996, inspired by an example from a book arts exhibition, was a booklet made from one sheet of paper that folded down into a miniature the size of a postage stamp. It was bound with a cover of heavy decorative paper in a cranberry-and-gold paisley pattern.

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